Moving Forward With Our Theme Redesign Magic Posting Place

Posted on 05/29/2016 By


Committed to finally moving forward with our complete redesign of our website, this will include a total retheme as well. I really hope that we can keep all of our visitors in tuned with our upcoming content rich posts. We are aiming to please a whole vanity of newer audiences due to the fact that we are going to try spreading our wings further, as to cover a broader spectrum of topics.

Included in these topics will be, Sports, Health & Fitness, Marketing (because we are in a digital age), Business, and Arts/Creativity.

Our new posting style will be separated and spaced out unless we have to bring things to your attention a little faster then we will post more often than before.

Also, look forward to connecting with us on Facebook & Twitter, possibly a couple more social properties.

We really cannot wait to read comments from all you guys & girls about how well we are doing. Keep doing right by yourself & don’t let yourselves down. Keep winning out there¬†everybody.


-IPW-Hardcore Team

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